Q: When is the Right Time to Remodel?

A: Anytime! But do These 4 Things First.

There’s a lot of pieces that go into a home remodel project; flooring, paint, furniture, and decor. Not to mention the interior design, maybe an architect, and all of the professional contractors like the plumbers, electricians, and painters for instance. Don’t go rushing into your next remodel project before you consider these four important things.

1. Define Your Design Problem and Solution

We all desire a space that’s pleasing. However, to get the space that’s pleasing to you, it’s important to know what is and is NOT working for you. Perhaps your kitchen is too small and hard to cook in? Maybe your daughter’s room hasn’t been updated since she was a toddler and now she’s a teenager? Or doubling your staff recently has put a cramp on your limited workspace? If you start your design or remodel project understanding the motivation, the end result of your design project will be just right for you.

2. Choose a Designer You Can Communicate With

Choosing an interior designer you can communicate with is an absolute must. Getting your designer to understand what you want is only possible through open communication. Once you have identified the Why of your remodel, choose the best designer that can help you get to the finish line. Interview several designers, ask the right questions, set your project expectations early and if you consider yourself “needy” imagine how they would react to your frequent contacts. Definitely make sure to ask your designer how they handle problems and concerns, and how change orders will be addressed. And don’t shop just by price, professional interior designer fees are all across the board. Your specific market as well as the designers education, professional experience, and available resources will help you determine the appropriate fee range for your project.

3. Remodel for YOU Not the Future Resident

Often times homeowners consider the next resident rather than themselves when remodeling. While that’s useful when trying to determine your investment in a remodel project; it’s not the always the best motivation. There’s a good chance your dream pink kitchen may not help the bottom line when it’s time to sell, but if a pink kitchen is what you’ve always dreamed of, have your designer make you a pink kitchen! A creative interior designer should be able to strike the balance between giving you the kitchen you have always dreamed of while creating a kitchen that would appeal to a future homebuyer. When remodeling, remodel for yourself first!

4. Measure Twice, Cut Once! Do Your Homework When Hiring

As an interior designer, I constantly have to battle the “artistic cousin” or friend “with an eye for design” willing to “help” for a fraction of my fees. Or the uncle who can “do” the electrical work we’re completing for your project. And it’s safe to say, it rarely works out to the client’s benefit in the end. Unless your brother is a drywall contractor or your uncle is a licensed electrician, don’t hire them to complete your project, or any work related to the major systems of your home. When it’s come to your biggest investment, do your homework and take the time to find the right contractor for you. You already made the right decision in hiring an interior designer: now hire the right contractor that understands how to work with you, your interior designer, and the scope of the work your project requires is understood and within their professional capabilities.

A remodel project, no matter the size, is fun and exciting time! By doing your work up front and hiring the right team, you’ll be well on your way to having the home or business design of your dreams. Call me today at (928) 719-7714 to get started on the first part of all of this, hiring the right designer!


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